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Jumpstart Client Gets Noticed For Their “Healing Hands”

One morning I had opened my email inbox and saw a subject title from one of our clients that read “Art of Touch on CNN.” I clicked on it immediately and read a very excited Shannon Grant asking me to watch a video that featured her center on CNN when I had a moment. My fingers couldn’t click fast enough on the link that she had provided me!

I watched the newsreel on how our busy lives can affect our health and some of the ways to combat the unhealthy stress, such as through massage. Not only was I delighted for my client's great press coverage, but I can also attest to what Shannon Grant has to say. I was a product of overworking myself from a professional and personal standpoint. Putting in a lot of hours at the office and then spreading myself thin in my personal life was my daily routine, and it started to ware on me. I then developed a bad “kink” in my neck and thought it was just from sleeping in a bad position one night. It started to get worse, so I made an appointment to get a massage done.

Ten minutes into the massage and the women stopped and told me that she could not work on me anymore. I was shocked to learn that I was suffering from some major muscle tension that might dangerously affect my health, in the future! The masseuse then advised me to see a doctor, and start omitting some of the “bad stress” in my life. She wanted me to come back six weeks later and she would finish up the massage she had started.

I took this advice to heart and did everything the masseuse had told me. Six weeks later I went back, and was told that I was a totally different person. My muscles were relaxed and feeling great, and the massage just topped it off! Now, with our own business, Jumpstart, and a better time management for my professional and personal life, I still feel great!

Please, check out the newsreel by clicking here.