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I Am The Jack Of Clubs

Every Friday I like to treat myself to a bagel at a local breakfast joint. I give out my order and the cashier will reward me with a playing card to be called out when my food is ready. Today, I took a long glance at my card and had a sudden urge to look up its meaning. Yeah, I really dig that…
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How To Reteach This Old Dog New Graphic Design Tricks

Yesterday, I noticed a multitude of LinkedIn alerts from people congratulating me on my work anniversary. Knowing my small business, Jumpstart: Design, Development & Brand, celebrated its birth month, in April over ten years ago, I was a little confused with the "at-a-boys" I had recently received.…
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The Building Blocks of Branding

By Gina MorganOne day in 2nd grade, our teacher, Sister Lorraine, asked the class to draw a picture of what we wanted to be when we grew up and to explain why.  While 31 crayon-wielding children happily complied, I folded my paper in thirds, drew 3 pictures, and wrote:  I want to be…
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How To Get A Medal In Social Media

By Robin Towle-FecsoTwo years ago, I was asked by the directors of Runitlikeamom to give a small social media workshop to the bloggers at our holiday meet and greet.  This opportunity gave me insight to what social media meant to me as a branding specialist, which helped interlock the two topics…
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Get Moving: Jumpstart Your Work

When the warm holiday hum of Christmas gave way to the gray, driving snow of January and February (and yes, even March), I found myself there: The Doldrums. I recently pulled myself out of said state when I participated for the second time in the Simsbury River Run with friend and colleague, Robin.…
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Jumpstart Assembles A Team Of Super Heroes

By Robin Towle-FecsoI spent many hours watching super heroes on Saturday mornings as a kid. The Justice League, G Force: Guardians of Space, Voltron, and, yes, even Mister T and his mystery-solving gymnastics team, were among my favorites as I sat in front of the TV and imagined being part of the…
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Jumpstart Client Case Study: Runitlikeamom

Prior to it's launch in 2013, Runitlikeamom, an organizational blog that encourages a woman's healthy, balanced lifestyle, needed a blogger and help with a stronger brand presence. They found both in Robin and Jumpstart. The Jumpstart team provided and executed a branding plan which gave the brand…
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Jumpstart’s Blog Is Back From The Dead

Jumpstart: Design, Development & Brand has been improving client's brands for many years.  We felt it was time to take a "Frank" look at our selves in the mirror!  2015 will prove to be a time of great change and top notch initiatives for both our clients and ourselves.  A sort of 2015 New Year's…
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Wishing You A “Brand” New Year

2014 are right at our heels and what better way to ring in the New Year then with a new brand?  Jumpstart have now been in business for seven years and have mastered the beginning stages to our company.  We opened our doors in 2007 with the humble beginnings of working on just website design and…
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